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Definition of moxie (Noun): 1. Force of Character, Determination, or Nerve  2. Energy, Pep  3. Courage  4. Know-How

All these attributes are important in those who choose to throw caution to the wind and travel; embrace other cultures and beliefs; and live life to the fullest. We named our daughter Moxie in hopes she would emulate the characteristics in the definition and oh boy is she full of it!! We contribute a large amount of that to the fact she is a travel pro already. She was on her first cross country flight at 6 weeks. We Rved for the first time up the coast of Oregon at 4 months. She kissed Minnie Mouse at Epcot at 9 months. And just to top off her first year on Earth, she blew out her birthday candle at a castle in Italy before watching Mommy & Daddy get married. Greg and I believe in living life to the fullest and for us that means travel as much as possible and more importantly showing our daughter the cultures of the world.  We hope to share what we have learned here and inspire some Moxie in your life!  The journey is where we find happiness, not the destination.

Love, light, & safe travels,

Sarah, Greg & Moxie


San Francisco, CA


We are really lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you need any advice on traveling here as a couple or a family please feel free message me.

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